Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

I am running an 80A (4AWG Copper) line for EV charging in my garage. I am using EMT conduit and I need to transition through drywall. Since the studs are not deep enough (2×4) for the minimum radius turn to fit, can I put an LB conduit body on both sides of the wall to effect the transition? It seems to be code according to NEC, but it's exploiting an exception back-to-back, namely:

NEC 314.28(A)(1): for 4 AWG or larger conductors the distance from a conductor's entry to a "box" and the opposite wall must be at least 6 times the raceway size – 1" EMT in this case, so 6" – except if the opposite wall is a removable cover. So I'd be exploiting this exception twice with essentially zero intermediate cable run.

ASCII picture:

                   ---------- <--- removable cover for LB conduit body #2
  LB conduit    | .................... 4AWG conductors
  body #2 ----->| . ____________
================| . |========================== <--- drywall
       _________| . |
4AWG .............. | <-- LB conduit body #1            
         ----------  <--- removable cover for LB conduit body #1