Garmaine Staff asked 3 years ago

I'm a Swedish citizen currently staying in the Philippines. My Swedish passport expires 20 July 2020 and my return ticket is 23 June.

The itinerary is as follows:

  1. Manila Ninoy Aquino (Thai Airways) ⇨ Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport
  2. 3 hours layover
  3. Suvarnabhumi airport (Thai Airways) ⇨ Stockholm Arlanda airport.

I'm a bit worried about the >6 months validity of the passport when going to Thailand itself so I figured I'd ask. I found this bit in the Thai Embassy, which kind of helps but I'm not sure if I would have problems getting on the airplane to Thailand to begin with.

Short Transit to Other Destinations without Leaving the Airport

Foreigners, who travel via Thailand to other destinations from the same port of entry, are allowed to transit without a visa. In this regard, the Thai Immigration Division is authorized to instruct the airlines or persons in charge of the transit to ensure that the transit passengers remain in a prescribed area. Should the transit passengers be forced for any reason to remain in the prescribed area for a period longer than expected, the Immigration Division may allow such passengers to do so under guarantees by the airlines or persons in charge of the transit.