Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

I have a set of two dual pole light switches that only one switch works on each(the bottom of each set)-the switch that works out of each set will turn on a all lights at once (i.e. porch and kitchen or all of the living room), but I would like to use both sets of switches (all 4 switches) to turn on these lights independently.

Right now each switch has two black (I'm assuming live) wires. There is a single black wire connecting the two sets of dual pole switches. One switch has a ground wire (switch on right) and the other switch has a black wire that connects the two sets of switches and what looks like a 3rd live black wire from the box (switch on left).

Any clue on how to tackle this?

There is a bundle of white wires that are capped in the receptacle (4 total), and there were two ground wires but they were crimped together and then pigtailed into one.

Why are the two sets of switches wired together? Is there a way to get the top switches to work (as only the bottom switches turn on lights)?

This is a 1971 manufactured home and so far I have come across a lot of weird wiring and plumbing, but this is the first one that has me completely stumped.

Box from a distance:

enter image description here

Grounded dual pole switch on left:

enter image description here

Non-grounded dual pole w/ extra black wire on right:

enter image description here