Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

I'm installing a standby generator for my son's new home build and have questions about grounding, bonding the genset.

We are installing a Kohler RXT 200 amp transfer switch between the meter base and the main panel servicing the home. The generator is Kohler 14RESAL genset. I've asked a question about this subject one other time and comments were made about the relative wisdom of switching the entire house to the generator. That's water under the bridge at this point, so lets focus on the grounding question I have.

My question regards bonding the neutral to the ground at the getset. There is a label saying the ground and neutral are bonded and there is a jumper on the connections factory installed. The transfer switch doesn't switch the grounded neutral conductor, so from what I understand, the generator isn't a "separately derived system"…so no GECs needed at the generator.

I planned on running 2 hots a neutral and a ground to the genset, but now I'm unsure. My instincts say disconnect the bonding jumper and connect the neutral to L0 (unfortunately labeled), the hots to L1 and L2 and the ground to GRND. See pictures. pic of label indicating bonding

Comments? pic of gen set connections