Garmaine Staff asked 3 years ago

Consider this shower alcove:

enter image description here

The curtain is partially-transparent. It can't be made much more transparent for privacy reasons; so, it blocks a lot of the light. Also, hanging a towel on that rail further reduces light flow. Thus even despite the light fixture being installed right in front of the shower – it is kind of dark in there.

My question: How is it possible to flood the shower stall with more light?


  • The light fixture's wattage cannot simply be strengthened further, as it is already rather strong and on a very low ceiling (204 cm).
  • I am intuitively ruling out any electricity going into the actual shower (The light fixture is IP54 in case you were wondering).
  • I was thinking about using some sort of mirror configuration; perhaps a right-angle-triangle-paralleloid along the inner-top edge?
  • Ceiling height is 204cm off the floor, minus a few cm if it's off the raised basin.