Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

I am a French citizen.

2003 -> 2012 : I have lived and worked in US under lawful visas.
2012 -> 2019 : I overstayed in US.

2008 : I got married in US with a green card holder non-US citizen.
2015 : I had a kid with my green card holder non-US citizen wife. My kid is a US citizen.
2016 : My wife became a US Citizen.
2016 : I applied for green card as a US citizen husband (and father)
2017 : My wife broke up with me. She does not support my green card application anymore.
2018 : I am divorced.
2019 : I came back to France without my son.

I am now barred for ten years. Is there anyway I can get back to US just for a few days to see my son?

Thank you for any help or lead you could give me.