Garmaine Staff asked 3 years ago

I have a washer currently draining into a utility tub sink. We heard a horror story about kids putting toys in the sink and the washer drainage flooding the house. I want to remove the drywall to install a washer housing unit. We have PEX plumbing.

Is the following more or less the right idea?

  1. Turn off water to house
  2. Cut existing utility tub drainage PVC pipe and install a wye or tee fitting.
  3. Install a P trap
  4. Install a standpipe, connect to washer housing unit
  5. Reroute PEX water supply lines up to washer housing unit
  6. Put drywall back on

Since I assume the existing utility tub drainage pipe is properly vented, routing the new drainage into that existing pipe should be ok, with no additional connections, yes?