Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

I am seeking help with my confusion about where my problem lies and what to do next.

I had a home renovation and got new appliances and upgraded circuit box two plus years ago. But not the "heavy up" with the power company for the power coming into my house. I was told it wasn't needed. I am not sure that is correct. I have had problems with my oven and stove not heating up to proper temps.. or not holding the heat as needed.

Had the electronic works replaced twice. The second time, the repair guy tested the outlet that powers the range. Each "hot" delivers 120 but when both hots are tested together the voltage adds up only to 219 volts. Does that make sense? How can this be?

I was advised to call my electrician who had put in all the new wiring and new circuit box at renovation. He charged me $$$$ to find again that 219 volts come into what should be 240 volt outlet. He found then that 219 volts come into the main power circuit box… and the same at the outside of my house where the meter is. A few weeks later he is now saying that no, it is 219 amps coming into the house and all is fine. I think he is double talking me. And I am still left with 219 volts coming out of the outlet that is supposed to deliver 240.

What should I do? I called the power company and their report to me was inconclusive.. they can't tell me over the phone what they found beyond, "the power coming into your house is adequate." what that means is not clear. Should I have them return while I am home and they can explain what they found? Should I get another electrician in? Or something other course of action. Thanks for your thoughts on these issues.

To all responding- Thanks so much. For clarification… when i wrote that each hot when separately test with multimeter measure at 120 but when measured together they measure not 240 (120 +120 should =240 total, yes?) but 219, all measurements where taken with multimeter sensors in the socket…. that is with oven unplugged. We were testing how much power is coming through the outlet. The oven repair guy said that only 219 is being delivered to what is an oven that is supposed to run on 240. The thought is that the electronics can't keep up with the temperatures set for cooking. also just so folk kow i think my electrician is not confused about volts vs amps. it is a language barrier… or he is trying to be cagey with me about what he thinks the problem is. Also the prong is 4 prong. and because the central panel box measures the same way with 219 volts, and the panel box outside with the meter reads 219 volts, I remain wondering if 100amps are being delivered to my house of the 200 amps that i think my house needs to run central air, appliances, etc.
Actually this goes back to me wondering what the heck kinda of amperage and voltage comes into my house… from the power company and why they can't tell me what that is… They won't tell me at leasat.