Garmaine Staff asked 3 years ago

I was cleaning something in the shower tray and I used a chemical which was petroleum based (which I didnt know), which caused the acrylic coating (I think its acrylic coating) dissolve.

I did a bit of research about repairing bathtubs/shower trays and it seems like nobody is able to achieve quality results by painting it, this usually involves using some kind of epoxy mixture, which cures for a very long time.

However, I have a different idea which nobody seems to be trying out… What I want to do is:

  1. Use coarse sandpaper to the damaged area
  2. Apply filler (what filer?) to level the work area
  3. Use sandpaper again (medium)
  4. Paint white (spray)
  5. Apply acrylic clear coats (spray)
  6. wet sandpaper medium>fine>extra fine
  7. Buff it with a cutting compound to get the gloss on


Is there any problems with my approach (if any)?

Is there a better way of doing it?

Images of the damage: enter image description here

enter image description here