Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

I have a bathroom outlet where the GFCI is going bad and needs replacement.

There is one line and 2 cables coming in for 2 loads so there are 3 black wires, 3 white wires, and 3 ground wires coming into the box. One of the loads goes to the overhead light switch and the other goes to the light switch in another bathroom.

When I rewired the new one exactly as the old one it wouldn't work. The green light on the GFCI would come on for a brief second and then go off, and the circuit breaker seemed to be making a quick buzz sound as soon as it was thrown on.

I know I have it wired correctly in terms of the line and the load positions. From previous posts I read I'm wondering if the problem is with the multiple ground wires tripping things. The old GFCI had all 3 ground wires connected to the screw on the bottom.

If this is the problem what is the best way to wire this outlet?