Garmaine Staff asked 3 years ago

For the purpose of this theoretical question, please assume the following criteria:

  1. The person will remain on the planet for at least a few years allowing for Mars to complete an orbit.

  2. The person has just an average pair of binoculars as a viewing aid. I am not familiar with the specification ranges of these as in what magnification power they could offer but they should not be something unavailable " off the shelf " as such as in something that would not be generally available to the public.

  3. Ignore any concerns about how the person would breathe or eat as "human habitation requirements" are not part of the question.

The question itself is hopefully quite simple though:

Armed with said binoculars as a viewing aid if required, what planetary bodies could they likely see over the course of a Martian year or two please ?

I should add: There is no need for a huge list of moons just other planets and perhaps any other items in the sky of immediate interest. It is fine to not include stars in this.

It must be assumed they will remain long enough to have time to view again if a dust storm precludes a decent view for instance.