Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

My car failed safety inspection because the license plate lights were out.

When I was replacing the bulbs, I noticed that all parking lights and daylight running lights are not working either. In addition, the brake lights stays off when I turn on parking lights, but when I press brake pedal, they turn on. Reverse lights work fine without any issue.

A Honda dealer failed the safety inspection, and was asking $50 to replace license plate lights. Since it is a lot, and I could do it myself easily, I told him that I won't take his offer.

I have LED bulbs for license plate lights, and normally they work a long time. I am very surprised that there is a sudden failure of several bulbs.

I checked many fuses, but they all seem to be fine. The dash lights work fine too, and as expected. My hunch is that the dealer unplugged something because he was not happy that I did not let him overcharge for a small repair.

Vehicle information: Honda Odyssey 2012 EXL